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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rainy day sunshine

It was gorgeous this morning.  Now it is storming like crazy.  I love when it rains, but the thunder kinda scares me.  It never used to bother me before.  I think now days I am scared of everything.  LOL  When I get the chance, I plan on sitting down and typing up a short version of my life up until this part, since this is me, changed.  I want everyone to see what you can actually go through, and still live and come out on top.  Just because you may have royally messed up does not mean that your life is over.  You CAN start fresh and new, and I am living proof of that.  Maybe it's not ALL fresh and new, but for the most part it is.  My story has tons of getting in trouble in school, with the law, to partying and being stupid, everything you can see in the movies, that has been my life.  I am not afraid to share this, even the things that will make me look like a horrible person, because I know that I am not that.  I may have made wrong choices, but I have not ever been a bad person.  I have always cared about others, and wanted to help someone out.  I have always tried to good, treat ppl how I would like to be treated myself.  I have just had a crazy life in the process.  But as I said before, it won't be in this post, and I may have to split it up a bit, being as I have young kids, I can't always sit down for long periods of time.  So, you have that to look forward to.  :)

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