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Monday, April 5, 2010


Today has been a beautiful and great day!  Spent the day with the kids, that was fun, did exercise class tonight, also fun.  We have a Dr. appointment to go to tomorrow morning, just a well check.  I'm sure it will all go fine.  Another earthquake hit yesterday.  It scares me to hear about these.  There have just been way too many, way too close together for me to be feeling comfortable about it.  Aftershocks are keeping people on edge, not that I can blame them too much.  If that isn't bad enough there was an explosion in the mines.  I remember years ago, there were several mines to collapse, it was so scary.  All you can do is just sit there and pray and worry.  I do hope that everyone is OK, the missing ones anyways.  
Doing my devotional, it was talking about faith.  I need to have more faith than what I have now.  I do have the faith that God is real, and that He helps me on a daily basis.  I honestly and truly believe that.  I don't have so much faith though, to just put everything over into His hands.  Not that I don't trust Him, I just worry too much about things.  I have been praying that that will get better and that I will learn how to totally turn everything over to Him.  The more the days go by, the better I think I am getting at it.  That is, because the more the days go by, the more that I see the world is just getting worse and worse.  It can't take too much more.  People are becoming more heartless and less caring everyday.  The world, nature itself, is protesting.  Look at all the bad weather, the floods, heavy snows, even the earthquakes.  It can't take much more.  I pray for this world daily, as well as myself.  Faith, in my opinion, is the ONLY thing that can get you through in this world today.  
Also, before I go tonight, I found something that I found to be quite interesting:8 Old Wives Tales

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